The 640nm/200mW Hand-Held Laser - $650.00

Compact and durable


This Mobile Laser is Ideal for Pediatrics, Scar treatments, Wound healing, Scalp acupuncture, Sinus treatments as well as daily home treatments on Joints and Muscles.

Secured with key


For your security and peace of mind, this Laser can be locked with a key (2 key included). This is a great benefit also for clinics that require a lock on laser devices.

Large Aperture


The large aperture allows significant reduction of treatment per square centimeter. With this 200mW  each acupuncture points should not need more than 1 minute treatment. On children  and surface treatments, 30 seconds should be sufficient.

Laser dispersal attachment


This, screw-on, attachment, allows the energy to be spread to a greater surface so that lager areas on the skin can be treated. Ideal for wound healing, eczema and other skin conditions treatment.

Extra battery added + Charger


The extra battery allows you to have the laser operating while a replacement battery is charging. This way you do not lose time. This laser is operating on rechargeable batteries to save on costs.

What's in the package


Laser device, 2 keys, charger, 2 batteries (one in the device), beam disperser (for surface treatments).

50mW/650nm perfect for ear and acupoint laser - $180.00

In box with 2 AAA batteries


This very practical laser uses two AAA batteries (included for immediate use). It comes in its own protective box.

Small, light and practical


It is small enough to fit in your front pocket like a pen. Light enough to hold at a patients ear without your hand getting tired. However, this laser is strong enough to make a difference!

Tell a friend and or a patient, and buy two for one price


Since I think this is a great tool for frequent use in the clinic as well as at home, many patients purchase this low-cost laser to treat wounds, small joints, and even some ear points.

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