Free Lectures

Why? - Because it is about time 😃

This is a work in progress. I will add and change videos once a while.

Here, I decided to share some of the lectures that prepare and/or shed some light to my approach to acupuncture in general and to Palpation Based Acupuncture in particular.

It is only fair that, before engaging in learning with me, through my webinars or in person, you will get the chance to listen and see if you like it

Here, in this section, I am releasing more and more videos that present my view of some basic concepts, as well as my take on the books I wrote and my clinical experience (from 1990 to present).


Applying the silver chain with diodes

Main complaint: Pain at surgical scar on elbow.


This is a video I did several years ago when my son was 3 months old... It does describe many of the principles I use on babies in my practice.

Using Stomach Qi

David Euler is showing the usage of the Stomach Qi line

Essentials about the Han Electro-Acupuncture Stimulation

A very short presentation of the basic Han Electro-Acupuncture Stimulation to maximize endorphin and dynorphin secretion. 

You can supplement with a local  and distal point as well and connect to the electro-stimulator. 

How to release a hard and painful spot on the spine

In this video I will demonstrate how to use the Gold-Plated Diode Rings, Triple Cord, Pachi-Sparker, and Aluminum foil on a tight spot on the spine. 

This tight spot was left-over after a treatment for low back pain; After the constitutional and structural imbalance treatment on the front, I turned the patient over, treated the lumber eyes and 4 corners, and this one spot was the only tightens "left-over". 


Article: Evidence Based Medicine (pdf)